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"From Seas of La Noscea, to the forests of the Shroud, deep into the deserts of Thanalan, Starlight Celebration brings even the most adventurous of souls home, safe and sound.  Remember to spread Starlight Cheer from ear to ear, and to everyone that you keep near."

We here at Ivalice Trading wish you all safe travels, near or far, and the happiest of holiday seasons to you! ♥


Sphairai obtained!

I put her in the Original MNK AF for this screenshot because I -love- it. I’m so very sad that the AF+1 is highlighter yellow…but I am looking forward to the AF2 when it arrives because it actually looks like something Zei would wear anyway (from the little I can make out. :D)

Ivalice Trading Co. FC Actions & Points

So to make everything more fair I wanted to lay out how the gathered FC Points and Actions are distributed.  This is a pretty easy rule of thumb and I’d like to make sure that everyone is aware of how this works.

  • Points will only be used towards Actions when three or more FC members are in need of them or are using them.
  • Points will only be used so much as points are available.

  • Points are gathered by Free Company Activity.  No activity, no points. 

Free Company Officers and Vault Officers have the ability to enable actions.  If you would like to have an action enabled please make sure that there is not already one in progress (in use) and that you have enough people to begin one.  We’re as a Free Company if you would like to take advantage of actions we expect that its done as a group so that it benefits everyone!~

Ivalice Trading Co. Bank Organization & Rules


So its come to my attention lately that the bank has been some what of a mess. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a whore for organization.  So! To make it easier on everyone I went through the bank and sold off a lot of low level Items (1-15ish).  Its my hope that this will open up slots for more progressed crafters since I know a lot of us have progressed a lot. 

With this I’ve separated the tabs into separate categories. Please pay attention when adding items to the Free Company Vault.  I’ll be trying to keep up with a weekly sort through/update of the vault for organization sake. <3

Tab One:  Crafting Materials


Tab Two: Crafted Materials (Food/potions/gear/ect)


Tab Three: Officer’s Tab

This tab is a little different from the others as its our safe keeping tab.  This is where rare, hard to obtain, items live (Get you some!).  If you are not a GV officer please feel free to ask in Free Company chat should you need or want one of the items and a GV officer can pull one out and send/give it to you!  Just because these items are under safekeeping does not mean that they are not accessible for you. <3 


With all of that said, Ivalice Trading Co. does have the right and will revise these rules as needed.  Currently this is a test run, we’ll see how it all plays out!~

Free Company Vault Officers:

  • Ingkeu Mihili (Free Company Leader)
  • J’das Nunh (Free Company Officer)
  • A’shanti Zhef (Free Company Officer)
  • J’hyan Tia (Free Company Officer)
  • Zeiyth Iyerah (Free Company Officer)
  • Volatile Core (Free Company Officer)
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